August 17, 2022


I guess I never anticipated this hot, new trend sweeping the nation. Not only are entertainment outlets no longer pretending to strive for accuracy when portraying period pieces, there’s this new fad of the GOP doing everything they can to never teach accurate historical facts again.

I can guarantee the writers of “I Love Lucy” never used the word ‘literally’ in a 21st century way when discussing an episode script with Lucille Ball, but there it was, peppered all over that recent Amazon Prime movie. “Bridgerton” takes wild liberties with language and activities, and now this new “A League of Their Own” series has women dropping f-bombs in public every ten second and lesbians making out in the streets of Rockford.

Look, I know the f-bonb and lesbians existed in the 1940s. But I’m also pretty sure neither were celebrated with this wild “queer rage” being shoved into this period piece. Heck, I don’t even remember these things being shared with such wild abandonment in the mid 1980s.

I guess I have a certain expectation that if I’m watching a television show set in the 1940s I’m not going to hear Janis Joplin singing a track while same sex couples dance.

And as far a the GOP and their idiocy, it does have to make one wonder, if they’re so eager to rewrite history to make the United States all white and perfect, what makes them think the Bible is completely accurate in its storytelling?

Maybe Jesus was a woman or something.