Thank You.

We used to ride the CTA ‘L’ quite a bit, but since the pandemic became a thing, riding public transportation has really happened a lot for us.

I miss it.

With an ‘L’ stop right outside the building, it’s very convenient when going to visit the rest of the family or doing pretty much anything in the city. When the trains were crowded I would always enjoy watching other people, though admittedly it could be a little dicey on certain lines from time to time.

One habit I developed when we moved to Chicago was always thanking the train operator on our way out, if we were close enough to the front so they could hear us. I admire these hard working people a lot; they keep the trains on time, they work in all sorts of weather conditions, and they have to deal with a lot of weird people on their train. The operator is always pleasant in their response.

This makes me smile.