Skippy June Jones, December 2019.

We’re not headed back East this year for the holidays (pandemic and all). I was looking through photos from last year’s visit and I still get a kick out of this photo of one of my niece cats. Her name is Skippy June Jones. She’s quite a character.

Another niece we won’t be seeing this year is our niece dog, Bella. Bella has had a rough year; she’s displaced knee caps, and while she was in surgery for that, the vet left her on the heating pad for too long and burned her side badly. She’s been a couple of months in recovery, having to wear a padded collar to keep from digging at her burns. However, reports indicate she’s coming along in her recovery, so I’m happy to hear that. Here’s a picture of Bella from last December.

Bella, December 2019.

Bella gets along with Skippy and their sister, Peach Dot, who hides all the time and stays away from the paparazzi. I’ve only seen Peach Dot once or twice; she tends to keep to herself.