September 25, 2020

Love Is All Around.

As a solid Gen-Xer, I was raised on 1970s and 80s television. Monday night? Little House On The Prairie. Tuesday night? Happy Days and Laverne and Shirley. Wednesday: Eight Is Enough. Thursday: Mork and Mindy, The Waltons.

The list goes on.

Sprinkled in there was “The Mary Tyler Moore” show. The show was a little more adult than I preferred in my elementary years but I always found Mary Tyler Moore to have that classic beauty and she seemed really nice. I know the theme song and opening credits have always brought a smile to my face.

Remember when television shows brought a smile to our face? Television was an escape from the rigamarole of real life. We could step away from the ills of the day and lose ourselves in a idealized version of days gone by or laugh our way through 30 minutes of escapist comedy. Sure, plenty of shows had a realism to them, but the technology and production values of the day gave us the opportunity to fill in the blanks with our imagination.

Whenever I see the Peignot Font, preferably in rainbow colors, or hear the familiar first bass notes of the theme song, I instantly think of Mary Tyler Moore and her smile. And then I smile.

Love Is All Around, no need to waste it.

Town Square.

Our new town square opened at the beginning of the pandemic lockdowns. I’m happy we can still have socially distant gatherings in the neighborhood.