UA 219.

I’m writing this from over the Grand Canyon. I can’t show a photo as I’m not in a window seat on this trip, so I’ll show you where we are.

I downloaded a bunch of television shows and movies to watch on my iPad Pro for this flight but I’m passing the time by playing on the Internet and listening to the live feed of Air Traffic Control from the cockpit.

Listening to ATC is making me yearn to be flying this airplane.

I’m excited about our vacation. This will be our second time to Hawaii and we are focusing on relaxing at the resort and living a carefree lifestyle for the next week. Getting away from the cold, even though it’s been a very mild winter thus far in Chicago, will be a nice change of pace. Seeing the sun will also be awesome; we’ve had clouds for the past two weeks.

I haven’t flown nearly enough this winter.

Mentally this vacation has been a “hump” in my timeline. I’ve been coasting through life a bit since the holidays, with the intent go get all focused again after a week on Oahu.

UA 219 is onboard a Boeing 777. The flight is nonstop ORD to HNL. This is the longest flight I’ve been on thus far. The crew is friendly and efficient, the experience is pleasant.

A wonderful start to this time away.