I have been using my iPad Pro on this entire flight. Well, I didn’t use it for 45 minutes when I took a nap. But I’ve been using my iPad Pro for around seven hours, connected to United’s WiFi, and I still have 46% of my battery remaining.

Tablet computing is the future.

I’ve watched videos, I’ve written blog entries, and I’ve been monitoring our flight progress on FlightRadar24. I can tell you which app is the largest battery hog and that would be the Facebook app. Plus, the WiFi has been spotty over the ocean, and mind you, I’m not complaining, because WiFi in the middle of the Pacific would have made the entire plot foundation of “Gilligan’s Island” moot. I’m very impressed I’ve maintained relatively good WiFi for this entire flight.

From an aviation perspective I’ve learned a lot on this flight. I’m more keyed up than ever to get my further certifications. Let make this happen!