Apple prides itself on the way their Apple Watch inspires you to be fit and healthy. As people around the world stand up in unison at 10 minutes to the top of the hour, they do so because their Apple Watch just reminded them that standing is healthy and you should stand at least once an hour for half of the day.


Without fail.

Stand up.


On the 50th minute.

The problem with Apple Watch is that without a bunch of setting changes, it will never give you a break. You will be reminded that yesterday you did better than you’re doing today and with a little effort you can do better today than you did yesterday. It’s a cheery bit of guilt to keep on exercise. Never take a break. Close those rings every day. Do not stop. Do not rest. Keep on closing those rings.

Our bodies need rest. We need rest once in a while to give our body a chance to rebuild that which we’ve been working. If we don’t rest we plateau. We get tired. We get cranky.

I think I’m using the “royal” we now.

I appreciate what Apple is trying to do but I think their approach needs a bit of refinement.

And a donut once in a while.