Choose Happiness..

My responsibilities as an aviator precludes me from doing drugs. Aside from growing up terrified of Nancy Reagan and her “Just Say No!” campaign, I want to be the best pilot I can be so I refrain from doing drugs. I think this is a smart choice.

We live in chaotic times. At work I’m noticing the “casual” methods of dialog, instant messenger, team chats, etc., is creating a more casual approach to communication at work in general. This casualness, coupled with the current chaos in our country, and enhanced by the fact that the workbase is scattered all over the world, is resulting in a pervasiveness of snark and snippy dialog in professional communication at my place of employment.


Since our return from Disney last month I have consciously decided to “choose happiness”. I know that makes me sound all Pollyanna but the fact of the matter is, there’s always a good side of a situation and there’s always humor in any situation, we just have to find it. Dropping pleasantries will get us nowhere.

Pot, meet the black kettle.

I’ve raged some whoppers of dialog at folks on the Internet over the years. I am convinced they never heard me and I would be right where I am today whether I had raged at Sarah Sanders or whomever or whether I just chose to drop it and move on. Screaming into the digital ether will rarely change anyone’s mind. And honestly, who really cares what I think?

Why waste my emotional calories on something that isn’t going to bear fruit.

So here I am, choosing happiness. Without drugs. Just doing my thing.

Perhaps if we all chose happiness we’d find the world to be a happier place.