Fasten Your Seat Belts.

So this is what a 50+ year old man looks like in the shower.

Actually, I asked my husband to take this photo because I wanted to write this blog entry about something, and THAT’S THE BEAUTY OF OUR NEW SHOWER HEAD!

We replaced our shower head when we moved into our home in 2017 because we wanted something that would rain down nicely and have some spray options. It was alright and it worked well for what it was but I was never completely happy with it. I’m one for getting into a shower that’s going to steam up and require seat belts to remain in an upright position. I don’t need the “pins and needles” approach but I like a shower that’s going to shove me around a bit.

Last week I mentioned to my husband that I spent time researching the best shower head for what I was envisioning for the master bathroom and it was on sale at Amazon. Once the purchasing department approved my suggestion I clicked “Buy Now” and two days later, voila, we have a shower head that is awesome and shoves me around a bit in the morning.

Our shower could do with a seatbelt.

We have a Speakmen S-2252 high pressure shower head with a multitude of settings from a gentle rain shower to a full blast torrent and it is a delight. It probably uses more water than it should but as I said to Earl, we have a whole Great Lake down the street. I wouldn’t use this in the desert but I’ll love it here in the Midwest.

Coupling this new shower experience with the end of Daylight Saving Time today will result in a very productive work week starting tomorrow.