Cat Care.

So one of the quandaries we had while preparing for our recent vacation was how we would handle cat care while we were gone. There’s a number of boarding locations in the neighborhood but with Truman living with us for less than a year, I didn’t want to traumatize him by thinking he was going back to the pound. We didn’t want to leave him alone for five days (even though he has an automatic feeder and watering station). Jamie and Chris were scheduled to be out of town the same weekend, so enter

Earl discovered and arranged for us to meet Alex, who would stop by on a schedule we determined, to spend 30 minutes making sure Truman was fed, watered, and scooped, as well as spending some quality play time with him.

All of the communication took place through the app, and Alex took a picture of Truman at every visit. When we got home last night, Truman was a little thrown by the schedule in general, but with Alex’s twice a day visits, he wasn’t completely bonkers, so we’re pretty sure this arrangement worked out well.

Truman greets Alex at the front door.

Overall we’re very pleased with Alex and the ease of coordinating this effort through and will continue to use this service for our future vacation needs.