After a weekend of being relatively unplugged from the Internet, I shared this tweet this morning:

Please stop being outraged. Listen, consider, and breathe before you tweet. This is my new mantra.

Scanning through my Twitter timeline I realised that a good chunk of the content was people shouting. Now, some have good reason to shout, as I have several Twitter friends that work in some role with the U.S. Government and they’re going on nearly a month without a paycheck. That’s a really good reason to shout. They get a pass, and more.

Other than that, there were too many people shouting from their digital rooftops about how awful Trump is, how terrible the events in D.C. were this weekend, and how ridiculous Rudy Giuliani is.

I’ve been an avid tweeter since 2007, taking a few breaks here and there. At one time it was a good way to keep tabs on what was happening in the world.

These days it’s a bunch of noise.

Social Media may prove to be a failed experiment. There has to be a better way to connect with people.

I hope we find an answer soon. In the meanwhile, I may retreat to the quiet.