Dear CNN.

Dear CNN,

A couple of things:

  1. Not everything is “Breaking News”. I know y’all get off by trotting Wolf Blitzer out there so he can exclaim “Breaking News!” and get all breathless over things like Trump walking down a staircase, but you’re killing any credibility you have by constantly crying, er, wolf.
  2. Stop paying people just to offer the other side of a story. If there’s a credible reason for someone to offer the “other side” of a story, they’ll come forward without having to be coaxed out of the shadows with cash.
  3. Along those lines, if someone is claiming the world is round, you don’t need to give airtime to the person that says that’s false and instead says the world is flat. That’s not news. That’s opinion. There’s a big difference between news and opinion. That’s not even a debate. If established fact has been presented, you don’t need to have a debate to question the fact. If someone says the sky is brown, when it’s very obviously blue, there’s no reason to have the other side on there saying it’s brown.