July 1, 2018


Growing up I loved sitting on the screened in porch on the back of the house. It sat about 25 feet from the woods and it was peaceful and quiet. Breezes from Lake Ontario would make their way inland and they’d be accompanied by crickets and frogs making noise and the sounds of an approaching train way off in the distance. The cats would strategically place themselves about the back lawn, our dog would settle in under her house for the night. It was summertime and it was peaceful. I loved it.

Fast forward 38 years and I’m sitting on the balcony on our fifth floor condo in the city of Chicago. The breezes are blowing from Lake Michigan. The rumble of the ‘L’ visits periodically. Overhead lights indicate passengers on their way to and from O’Hare and farther in the distance, Midway. The ambience is different. The sounds are different. The vibe is more electric but I feel very relaxed.

Growing up I always loved being home because it was home. I still feel the same way. The place is different and I’ve moved from a little bit country to a little bit rock ‘n roll, but I love being home because it’s home.


As Earl and I were driving along the roads of Northwestern Illinois yesterday I asked him how he was doing on a more than normal basis. This was his first time on a ride in the Jeep since his surgery and since he’s been in recovery for only a couple of weeks, I was worried this might have been a little much for him.

I was wrong.

When I asked to his well being, my husband would respond in a very positive voice, “I’m doing great”. It’s this positivity that has brought him along in his recovery much faster than I ever thought he would progress. He would occasionally ask me how I was doing and I would say, “OK”. In reality, I was enjoying the moment, and I was feeling grounded in my element. When I can’t fly I enjoy going for long rides. It’s what I do. Earl’s response to my “OK” was, “I want you to be better than OK. I want you to be great! It’s all about the attitude.”

This led to a discussion about the world in general and how recent events in the country are really bothering me. This is when Earl told me something that helped adjust my attitude.

“They want you to be just OK. They want you to feel fine. But our life is better than OK. Our life is great. And it’s OK to be vocal to help others make their life great, but it’s important that we stay upbeat and positive as it’s the only way to beat the negativity.”

As always, my husband is completely right. It’s time to stop worrying and to put more positive energy in the world. The people in charge right now lead miserable lives and they want everyone around them to be miserable. Let’s counteract and shut this out with a whole bunch of awesome.

That’s how we can make the world a better place.

Open Road.

Earl and I just arrived back home after a 12 hour ride from Chicago to Iowa and back, exploring various nooks and crannies of Northwestern Illinois along the way.

It was very relaxing and a great way to escape the heat of the city. The sky was beautiful, the small towns interesting and we spent some time driving along the Mississippi River.

A great way to spend a Saturday.