One of the best things about our relocation to Chicago is the opportunity for walking. Back in Central New York I would walk up and down our semi-suburban/wanna-be country road for exercise. It was an exercise in flirting with danger as there was a McMansion park up the hill from us and people would often come barreling down the hill way above the posted speed limit. Many would be using their phones, some would be randomly placed in the vehicle and there was always one guy in a European luxury car shaving every morning. When you walk the same 1/2 mile in each direction up and down your road it gets quite boring. To go anywhere interesting involved planning, a vehicle and a drive of at least four hours. It was not a conducive scenario for a quick walk during working hours.

Here in Chicago I have many places to walk. Our neighborhood has both beautiful residential and shopping districts. I can easily hit my goal of 10,000 steps a day without even trying; I usually clock around 13-14k steps a day now. This is a beautiful thing, especially since I can’t start riding a bike again until next spring due to my surgery earlier this year. 

Earl and I have been walking after supper and getting to know our surroundings a little better. I know folks from the old stomping ground were sure we were going to be shot within days of moving to The Windy City but we have little worries when walking around our neighborhood, even after sunset. The streets are well lit but more importantly, the vibe is safe.

Looking for a slight change of pace the other evening after work I took the train down a couple of stops, walked that neighborhood and then walked back home. I logged nearly 22k steps that day and I felt amazing. Walking around, seeing the sights, and being amongst people other than those texting and/or shaving in their vehicle is a beautiful thing.

It’s just another reason why I think this move to Chicago is one of the best things to ever happen to me and to us.