The National Weather Service is predicting one to two feet of snow and 50 MPH winds for our area from Monday until Wednesday. One to two feet of snow in March is not particularly surprising for this time of year, but with the wind kicking up that high it could make for some interesting conditions in the area. We might pick up a few groceries just in case but we don’t intend on wiping out the shelves of every loaf of bread or gallon of milk we can lay our hands on. Water works just as well, and melted snow works well for water.

I’m just as anxious as the next guy for spring to be here but the fact of the matter is it’s still early March and early March is very much winter in this part of the country. Watching the snow fall and listening to the wind whip around, coupled with the fact that I’m still recovering my from my recent surgery, will give me the opportunity to study for my next aviation challenge: my written exam for my instrument rating. I’m still a dozen or so flight hours away from being ready for the checkride, but getting the written exam out of the way will be a good step in the right direction.

Mother Nature and my surgery may have conspired to keep me grounded for a while but I can still dream of flight while I study.