Surgery Complete.

My final surgery for my “plumbing problem” was completed yesterday. Now, it’s just six weeks of recovery and I’ll be as good as new. I can work in the meanwhile. I can’t fly airplanes for three weeks or so. I’ve learned to accept that.

The surgery went well. It was six hours long. I was surprised at that for I thought it would be a two hour surgery. My parts are packed in tight and the pain is quite manageable. I’m on some pretty good meds, so this is fun.

I found out that folks from all over the country come to my doctor for this type of procedure. He invented it and has one of the highest success rates in the world. He also fixes older procedures for patients all over the country. I’m confident that everything is going to be fantastic when all is said and done.

One thing that I learned about my doctor is that he is one of the leading urologists for gender reassignment procedures. I’ve always been worried about the gay thing with my doctors but the worry has been for nothing.

There are good people in the world