I just read a Facebook update from one of my in-laws. And so I did this.

It might have been politics related. I really need to stay off Facebook. Maybe I just need to go to Iqaluit, Nunavut. I hear it’s surprisingly beautiful up there.

I mention Iqaluit because a Swiss Air flight from Zurich to Los Angeles made an emergency landing at their airport yesterday after they had a malfunction with one of the engines on the Boeing 777. Everything was fine with the landing, Swiss Air sent another airplane and picked up the passengers and they went on their way after a half-day visit to this little northern town.

This prompted me to “walk” around Iqaluit via Google Maps and it looks quite lovely. Remote, wild, small yet interesting, intimate and friendly. I mentioned this on Twitter and the mayor replied within five minutes that it’s a lovely place.

During supper tonight I mentioned to Earl that I thought we should visit Iqaluit someday. I was surprised when he agreed.

I need to look into this further.