Three in 30.

Today is the first of June. Folks around me will hear me burst out in song in random intervals today. I will be singing, “June is bustin’ out all over, all over the meadows and the hills.”  Then I’ll hum a bit because I don’t remember the lyrics at this point, and then the words will be back with “Because it’s June. June June June. JuUUST becAUse it’s June, June, JUNE!”  I never appeared in the musical “Carousel” but we sang songs from it a lot back in the day.

With the arrival of a new month I have decided to embark on a “3 for 30 days” challenge. I am trying three things for the next 30 days to see if it improves or detracts from my current lifestyle.

1. I’ve completely given up Facebook for the next 30 days. It has been removed from my mobile devices. I would modify the network at home to block access to but since I’m not the only one that lives here that wouldn’t be fair to my spouse or Jamie.

2. I’ve moved my exercise beyond pedestrian activities for the next 30 days. I am writing this after having just completed a 76 minute bike ride. In tandem with this I am giving up diet potions and elixirs that promise I will shed weight without doing anything. They’re all lies.

3. I am going to do something in my blog on a daily basis. Even if it’s a picture of a particularly adorable cat. 

30 days challenges are always fun for me. This is my first time going for the triple on a 30 day challenge but I’m feeling particularly optimistic this time around.