We haven’t had much in the way of sun in these parts of the last week or two. There’s a little bit of sun peeking through the clouds today, but the sky still feels quite heavy. I find it oppressive. I’m ready for blue skies, puffy clouds, pleasant breezes and warm sunshine.

In 2004 I drove from our home in Central New York to Emmetsburg, Iowa for a work-related training class. That week was my first time in Iowa and I instantly fell in love with the landscape. The folks in Emmetsburg seemed quite friendly and I felt like I could open my arms wide without bumping into neighbors or trees or a suburban housing development. I was keenly aware that I was visiting tornado country as evidenced by cautionary signs and sirens and the like. The sunshine was warm, the sky had puffy clouds and the atmosphere felt hospitable.

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One of the things I love about the Iowa countryside is that you’d see a group of trees with a house, maybe a barn or two and other evidence of that spot being a residence. That little bit of land would be surrounded by farm land. The nearest neighbor appeared to be a mile or so away. The drive into town was on purpose. Though I have little evidence to support this, the vibe just seemed friendlier. A little slower. A lot less hectic. Simpler.

Perhaps I’m ready for a Green Acres experience.

The company I work for has a large presence in Iowa; I could easily move to the state and keep my current gig. The issue is that I have little to no hope that I would ever convince Earl to move to The Hawkeye State. A couple of years ago when we drove across part of the state along US Route 20, I told him how much I would enjoy living in Iowa and he didn’t seem to share the sentiment.

Perhaps another visit is in order.

My daydreaming about relocation is spurred on by the development of the land adjacent to ours at home; more trees have come down in the past 48 hours and now there’s digging and such going on. The activity seems to indicate that something is going to be built there soon. I find this a little suffocating.

I just want to open my arms wide and enjoy the sunshine without hitting a neighbor in the nose.