2016-03-31 12.29.16

I’ve lost three pounds since our return from vacation at the beginning of the week. This makes me happy because I didn’t really gain any weight while we were on vacation; I guess walking around a lot and trying to make healthy choices does make a difference. Simplicity really is the key, I guess.

I needed to get out of the house today, and since Earl is out of town for work, I decided to eat at a local place that we have frequented only once or twice. The menu here is a little complex, for example, one orders each individual item you want on a salad. The items are grouped by price into groups, “A”, “B”, etc. The counter person was a little startled when I simply ordered spring greens with everything under the “A” group. She urged to look at the menu and see that things are arranged by price, I simply responded that the “A” group had everything one could hope for in a salad. I opted for dressing on the side and then I asked for her to skip the egg, because I do not consider eggs to be part of my “A” game.

It’s all about maintaining a grade-A attitude.