I’m sitting on the balcony of our condo at the Saratoga Springs Vacation Club Resort at Walt Disney World. We have been here a few days, we leave for home tomorrow morning. Abbreviated vacations like this are quite rejuvenating. I feel like I can once again tackle the world until our next big adventure.

Looking out from the balcony over the meticulously manicured grounds of this resort, I can’t help but wonder how some folks can be so cranky in these parts. Honestly, I can’t fully understand how people can go through life with a negative disposition. It’s happiness that should be fueling the world, not negative vibes. Society seems to be embracing all that seems dark and menacing. That’s not the way this experiment called life is suppose to work.

While waiting in line at the Magic Kingdon for the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction, two women behind us got into a small shoving match over who was suppose to be going first in the line. These two women didn’t know each other. Their heated discussion included phrases such as “I paid good money to be here” and “you need to shut up and mind your own business”. The line wasn’t exceptionally long. Disney Parks does an amazing job of maintaining impartiality in crowd control. This place is billed as The Most Magical Place On Earth.

Why can’t people just sit back, relax and enjoy some magic?

As a rabid people watcher, I’m always delighted for the opportunity to sit in a non intrusive spot watching people go about their vacation, their day, their lives. A teacher I knew long ago said, “People fascinate me. I have never met a person that didn’t impress me.” I totally get that.

Why not strive to make that impression a positive one?

Society is changing. I can’t help but notice that hostility is becoming a little more prevalent amongst the people. This bothers me because a society that becomes increasingly hostile to one another is not a society that can move forward and progress. But we are living in a time where people think nothing of being more aggressive to one another. Staking claim. Trying to get first.

Many people have said that for change to happen you need to be the change you want to see. Walk the walk. Live the life. Be an example.

Smile. Share your smile. Make the world a better place.