Maude and walter 1973

Doing some quick math in my head earlier today I came to the realization that on my next birthday in July I will be 48 years old. 48. I’m not having an aging crisis because quite frankly, I don’t really feel like I’m 48 years old. People that are 48 years old are adults doing adult things, and honestly, I’m still a kid at heart.

When we are growing up we think that anyone in their mid to late 40s is ancient. I remember watching the old sitcom “Maude” and thinking they were old people. In reality, Maude and Walter were 47 and 49 during the first season the show. Conrad Bain, playing Arthur, was 48. I certainly don’t feel like I’m their age. I don’t even wear flowing caftan things over a pant suit. I currently do have a mustache like Bill Macy did when we played Walter and upon further examination of the show, I have more gray in my mustache that he had in his when he was depicting a 49 year old (in real life he was 50 at the time). I feel like I’ve accomplished many things in my life and am at a comfortable place, but I certainly don’t feel like I’ve “grown up”. Heck, my parents were my age when they met my husband! Where has the time gone?

I wonder if Bea Arthur and William Macy felt like kids at heart when they played their famous roles. In reality, I suppose that is what’s most important in the long run, how we feel on the inside. As long as I continue to be who I am, try to stay reasonably fit and enjoy life to the fullest, I suppose I’ll always be a kid at heart.