Geek Weekend.

I’ve decided that I’m going to embrace my inner geek this weekend and enjoy myself with many things technological. I have already installed a new file server on our network. The file server of choice is a WD MyCloud Mirror. To get completely in the weeds, this is a RAID-1 setup, so all of our data stored in the file server is mirrored to a second hard drive. This helps keep our data extra secure.

After I’m done copying all of the relevant files to the new file server, I’m going to consolidate the various hard drives we have installed elsewhere on the home network and make them all available through this new file server.

There’s quite a few changes I need to make to the network to get it in top notch condition again, but I won’t bore you with the details of changing routers, reconfiguring the wifi hotspot and the like.

By the end of the weekend everything should be tuned for speed and backed up in a brilliant manner.

And I will be one happy geek.