DL 696. 

I am on Delta flight 696 from Syracuse to Atlanta.  I am on my way to Memphis to meet Earl who has been working down there all week. I will be working remotely tomorrow doing the Digital Nomad thing and I am very excited about it.

This flight has been uneventful thus far.  We are flying at 26000 feet due to strong head winds. Apparently coming into Syracuse they had to do two go-arounds due to wind; I thought it would be bumpy during take-off but it wasn’t bad at all.

The flight attendants are amusing me a little bit with their apathy. Delta flight attendants are usually a little more attentive than this crew seems to be; they’re starting the beverage service over 45 minutes into a two hour flight. Usually they jump up and start serving as soon as they can. The attendant doing the same briefing read the cue cards as quickly as possible and without any inflection or emotion.  I am happy that I already know the layout of an MD-90. I did note that she didn’t know what kind of airplane this was until she looked at her sheet. That was comforting.

Terminal B at Syracuse Airport was jammed packed with people. The flight to Detroit was delayed because the baggage door was jammed shut and no one could get it open.

There is a woman sitting in the aisle across from me who apparently just plopped down in any seat she wanted to because the guy that was suppose to be in 12C had a conversation with her and then just moved to what could presumably be her seat. She said she didn’t know how the row numbering worked. Perhaps she should have flown on Southwest where she could have battled her way to a seat after sitting on the floor of the terminal in her section of some sort of holding pen based on when she printed her boarding ticket. 

I really miss the luxury days of airline travel. I’m probably one of those snobby businessmen travelers, that I have yet to join the Mile High Club. 

I am enjoying my complimentary Sam Adams Boston Lager right now. The FA smiled as I asked for both peanuts and pretzels. I’m not usually high maintenance, just medium range.  I like to simmer.