Fort Wayne International Airport.

I’m sitting here in the quiet terminal of FWA. Though I was just here on Sunday night, I’m feeling like I’m getting a good idea of the daily goings on here at the airport; it’s quiet. Very quiet. There are only eight gates. The staff is friendly. TSA has but one line. The line moves quickly.

The Fort Wayne Air Museum here at the airport has some interesting artifacts from the last century of flight. I took my time perusing the exhibits. I smiled as some of the instruments on display are tagged as being from the 40s but they look identical to the instruments I use whenever I fly one of the Piper Cherokees.  Sometimes the tried and true is best.

My three days of work here in Fort Wayne were successful. I feel like I accomplished something and I was happy to meet others that will be working on a common project with me. It’s always good to put a face with a bunch of letters in an IM at work. I find working in other company offices to be quite energizing. Normally working in an office is distracting to me, but a change of pace is always good.

I’m now settled in front of the big windows here at FWA awaiting my flight. We should be boarding in 30 or 45 minutes. I’m looking forward to relaxing during this flight.