So Iíve been trying to tame my sweet tooth and staying away from sugary snacks. Granted, I just started this effort yesterday, but I have been successful for the past 28 hours or so, so I think Iím onto something. Still feeling hungry but not wanting to have a cookie or a muffin, I opted to give pistachios another try.

IMG 1924

I love pistachios. Thereís a little bit of work involved with getting to the sweetish nutty goodness but I find they are an excellent snack for the workday. The caveat to this is that I must keep the portions under control. I canít have a whole bag nearby, I need to portion out a 1/4 cup for the day and then store the rest in a time-locked, fireproof, tamperproof safe.

Ok, that might be a little extreme, but not by much.

I first started eating pistachios at my previous job. Munching and crunching helped keep the stress of dealing with customers all day at bay. In fact, that approach probably contributed to the 20 pounds I gained while working there – stress plus non-stop eating equals jolly with love handles.

Iíve eaten my allotment of pistachios for the day and I feel quite satisfied. Iím not gnawing on my desk or anything. Not even with syrup.