So yesterday my FitBit recorded me walking 31,409 steps or 14.4 miles. Since my plan for this weekend in Minneapolis was to do it all on foot (with maybe some mass transit thrown in here and there), I must say that I am quite pleased with how much walking I did yesterday.  My walking was about half and half indoor and outdoor: the weather has been quite nice and the Minneapolis Skyway System is very impressive.

I took a bunch of iPhone shots yesterday. On my way up to the river I stopped and photo bombed a photo that a man and woman were taking at this corner: she was throwing her hat up in the air like Mary Tyler Moore and I was standing next to the traffic light seen in the photo below, staring at the camera like the woman in the background of the Mary Tyler Moore opening. To my left is a TV Land statue of Mary Tyler Moore throwing her hat up in the air. update: I messed that up, we are looking at the statue and I’m standing where the background woman was.

2013 11 15 10 04 47

The Nicollet Mall  is just starting to see the installation of holiday decorations.

2013 11 15 10 11 31

My first panoramic shot with my iPhone, standing on the restored Stone Arch Bridge.

2013 11 15 10 36 26

Other snaps along the Mississippi.

2013 11 15 10 35 09


2013 11 15 10 41 23

There’s all sorts of restoration going on along the river, and it is a wonderful thing to see. I really appreciate when urban planners embrace what they have and make it better when possible, instead of just ripping everything done and starting over from scratch.

2013 11 15 10 47 35


A bridge to Nicollet Island. I found these power line towers to be quite interesting in design.

2013 11 15 10 59 00

2013 11 15 10 39 46

The hotel wifi isn’t as snappy as I would like it to be, so the rest of my photos will have to be posted at a later time. I am really loving this long weekend and I’m off to go exploring again. Perhaps I can hit 15 miles today!