In the mood for a dessert I went through the cupboards to see if Old Mother Hubbard was there holding a cake mix. Though the frosting had expired long before went south the cake mix was still valid for six days. What could go wrong? Right?

So it’s a carrot cake mix and one of the required ingredients is a cup of carrots. Who keeps carrots in their house on a Thursday night? We certainly don’t and it’s all because we can see things in the dark.

I’m rambling.

Anyways, no carrots but we did have tomato soup in the house and I remember a woman named Peggy that I used to work with saying something about tomato soup and carrots and I thought “whoo-hoo!” I bet a can of condensed tomato soup is the same as a cup of carrots. So I dumped in the mix and then added the two eggs and the can of soup. But the recipe called for water and condensed soup called for water, so I decided to be crazy and I added a 1/2 cup of water instead of the full cup. This made the batter into tomato soup. Ugh. So I added unbleached wheat flour because we didn’t have anything else that resembled flour. Then I figured the flour would be kind of bland so I threw in some nutmeg. Because I think in metric (we were going to switch when I was in elementary school!), I’m pretty sure that I didn’t add a hectare of nutmeg. It was a healthy amount but I didn’t sneeze because I was sure that pepper was not in the question.

The cake batter started looking like cake batter again so I mixed it up good, put it in the greased cake pan and baked this slight foray into experimental cuisine. 50 minutes later, voila! It was time for the big test.

Earl tried the cake. I tried the cake. And it turned out to be quite delicious. We now have a little dessert for the weekend.

Tomato soup cake. Excitement for an otherwise boring Thursday night.