September 29, 2013

More Colors.

This is my favorite time of the year. The colors, the crispness of the air, the magic of the wind… it all reminds me as to why I am proudly a boy from Upstate New York.

I just took a quick stroll in our back lawn.

IMG 3949

IMG 3947

IMG 3944

I will need to refer back to this post come January so I am reminded as to why I love Upstate New York.




Please feel free to click on each photo to see in full sized technicolor.


So yesterday Earl and I decided that we would enjoy a day of relaxation. And to accomplish this very simple task, we would take a “leaf peeping” ride in the nearby Adirondacks. So after a stop at our local diner for a little lunch, we embarked on a nice ride through some very scenic territory.


It was a gorgeous day with just few puffy clouds in the otherwise crystal clear sky. The temperature was a comfortable 70ºF.





Mother Nature is doing wonders with her paintbrush this season.

We zigged and zagged our way across the lower Adirondacks and up into the High Peaks, where we found lots of tourists in the famous village of Lake Placid. This old car was parked out in front of the restaurant that we ate at.


We mugged a little for the camera. That’s what people do with their smartphones these days.


Angles do amazing things with perception.


Though we didn’t eat here on this trip, Lake Placid has one of the last two remaining Howard Johnson’s restaurants.


We stopped at a popcorn shop where I picked up two varieties of popcorn: Red (with smaller hulls) and Rainbow Mix.


I tested both this morning and they were quite tasty. Earl tasted the “Halloween Mix” of popcorn that was featured at the shop. It was orange and black popcorn and featured the flavors of orange and black cherry. It turned Earl’s tongue a funny color.


It was approaching sunset by the time we left Lake Placid, and we made our way across the upper Adirondacks through Saranac Lake, Cranberry Lake, Tupper Lake and finally found ourselves in Watertown, where we stopped for a little snack for supper. And a beer, but just one since I was driving.


After giving the beer plenty of time to wear off, we headed home and got home around 12:30. When all was said and done, we traveled about 400 miles in 12 hours.