2013-09-06 06.37.09

So this morning Earl was up before sunrise so he could head off to the Hudson Valley for a business meeting. I woke up with him and took a look at the weather: it was clear and the sky was gorgeous, but it was cold at 38ºF. When it’s that cold it’s a little too chilly for cycling. I have gone on bike rides when it’s been that cold but I haven’t enjoyed the experience.

Besides, the warm blankets were feeling extra awesome this morning.

Since I had slept like a rock* and I was feeling great, albeit all comfy, I knew I had to get myself out of bed and do something that resembled exercise in lieu of my planned bike ride. I didn’t really have time to head to the gym and back before work so I opted to go for a walk instead.

I bundled myself up with sweat pants and a couple of layers of shirts and ended up walking for about 45 minutes this morning. The sunrise was beautiful, the air was crisp and though it was chilly, it wasn’t bad walking (versus having the breeze from cycling in my face). It was a wonderful experience and I feel like my day got off to a good start.

I need to remember this more often. While staying in bed snuggled up in the blankets is perfectly fine for the moment, and I will certainly opt for that from time to time, in the context of the entire day, getting a bit of exercise to get things going is certainly worthwhile.

Tomorrow’s forecast won’t be as autumn like so I’ll probably ride again in the morning. But this morning’s walk was certainly enjoyable.