September 4, 2013

Mid Week Dance.

Dance with me on this hump day!

From 1987 when she teamed up with Stock, Aiken and Waterman (Rick Astley, Kylie Minogue) here’s “Shattered Glass” by Laura Branigan.



I am in a bit of a mood today. It’s not the best of mood that I am in and I kind of feel bad about that. I’m not feeling like my usually feisty/angry/frustrated self when I’m batting around this kind of mood, but rather I’m feeling pensive. Analytical. Disappointed.

For the past 20 minutes I’ve been trying to write a blog entry about my mood and I just can’t do it. I guess what I’m feeling today is better suited for my personal diary and meditative efforts.

So here are some things to smile about:

1. It is a gorgeous day in Central New York. Autumn is quickly approaching and the leaves are changing color to dress themselves for the season. I’m looking forward to some crisp cool weather for cycling this weekend.

2. My husband always makes me smile and today he brought home lunch so we could enjoy our lunch hour together. Jamie always makes us smile and he phoned during lunch to make sure we were having a good day.

3. Earl and I have little in the way of plans this weekend outside of cleaning up the house and reorganizing our existence a little bit. The whirlwind of travel over the past month has slightly scattered things and quite frankly I’m looking forward to home time this weekend.

4. For one that could theoretically claim that he is halfway through his life, I’m feeling good physically. My prime might not meet the charted ideals, but I’m feeling good, comfortable in my own skin and overall just feeling “prime”.

The glum feeling that plagued the beginning of this blog entry is lifting. Maybe I just needed to think about the good things for a few moments.