Counting Down.

I am feeling footloose and fancy free for a Monday. I’m celebrating by enjoying my lunch hour barefooted today. This is only significant because I am working at the office today and this is one office where I can’t be barefooted.


Even though it is Monday I am in a celebratory mood because it is a short work week for us as we are taking some needed time off at the end of the week. We are in the process of getting the house ready for our vacation (security lights, check, security system, check, house sitter, check, etc) and I have been gazing at maps and the like for the past couple of weeks planning out our spontaneous route.

There are a couple of givens along this trip: we will be stopping in OshKosh, Wis. and also in northwest Arkansas along the way. I’ve insisted to Earl that we drive in Iowa because I love Iowa (he doesn’t even look at me like I’m crazy anymore because that’s just another given). I’ll be sharing photos and details in future blog entries as we go along.

At this moment I am curious as to whether there is some sort of status quarrel going on amongst the seagulls in the parking lot I’m camped out in for the lunch hour. The lightest colored of the seagulls seems quite smug.


It can be bothered to partake in the activity the other gulls are partaking in, namely screaming about abandoned french fries and jumping on one another. They bring the phrase “flying leap” to a whole new level.

Perhaps they are upset that I didn’t share a Chili Lime PopChip with them. I’m mean that way.