It’s the little things that I notice. For example, I’m looking over at a new department store in the strip mall that I’ve parked myself at for lunch time. The new store is called “Rainbow” and it is in an old Fashion Bug. The first thing I’ve noticed is that I can still see the words “Fashion Bug” underneath the Rainbow logo. The second thing I notice is that the logo and accompanying markings of this Rainbow store are completely devoid of color. Everything is in white.

You would think that a store called Rainbow would be colorful, yes? I have no idea what’s inside the store because I’ve since lost interest.

I’m sitting in the Jeep still trying to find a spot in this parking lot that still feels comfortable to me. Today I’m parked in the spot closest to the Dunkin’ Donuts drive thru speaker.

Every time a car or truck pulls up I can hear “DunkinDonutscanihelpyou” really fast. The voice sounds pleasant in a 21st century kind of way, but the attendant is speaking really fast. I wonder if she is bored in her job and just wants to get it over with, if there’s some sort of efficiency contest going on or if in all truthfulness she just doesn’t care. The prevailing customer request is for anything that ends in “latte”.

I still feel a little off my game during these lunch hours after having been evicted from my edge of the parking lot spot that used to set along side the trees. All of the trees are gone, the cat that could be spotted hunting for mice and birds has moved on to greener pastures and my spot is fenced off as they build a new store onto the end of the strip mall. Rumors have this addition housing everything from a Baby Gap to a Jamesway department store, but I think the Italian restaurant is just expanding. Only time will tell.

In the meanwhile I will try to find a place to park that has some breeze, some shade and the friendly passing by of a feline on the prowl.

Because of feeling off my game during lunch hour (solely because of the location issue), I’m unable to take my midday nap because I don’t feel “safe”. I guess I’ll just have to nap under my desk again this afternoon.