So yesterday I posted a link to a review of the latest album by Agnetha Faltskög, the first “A” in ABBA. I listened to the album several times while in my home office yesterday and I absolutely adore it. Comprised of all original material, Agnetha’s voice sounds almost identical to what ABBA fans are familiar with and the quality of the tracks is excellent. It’s a pop album for grown ups and quite frankly, it’s a nice breath of fresh air.

I listened to the album today via Spotify, since I’m working at the office today and it’s the easiest way to listen to stuff. The Spotify version of the album has commentary on each of the tracks in between each of the songs and it’s kind of interesting to hear the backstory on the tracks. One piece of commentary that got my attention was regarding the disco-flavored track, “Dance Your Pain Away”.

One of the writers/producers of the album was in Sweden at a gay club when a patron motioned to him to come over. Intrigued, the producer went over and talked to the “small gay” as he describes him (at least I think that’s what I heard) and the man said, regarding Agnetha’s album, “don’t forget about us.” The producers had been feeling that thus far the album had been missing “something” and that comment from the “small gay” made him realize that there was no “anthem” on the track. The customer went on to say how Agentha was an icon in the gay community and that was important to include something for her gay fans.

Enter “Dance The Pain Away”. It’s a really fun disco themed track. I’ve listened to it several times and I really think I can hear a sample of an ABBA song in the bass line but I can’t put my finger as to which track it is. This particular track, just one gem in a treasure box of an album, feels very familiar. It’s like one step away from being a full-out ABBA track and it’s kind of fun. I hope it makes some inroads into public exposure. I know that if I were still DJing I’d spin it up in the mix to see how the crowds react. I can definitely see it being one of those summer anthem tracks.

It has been a long time since I’ve been excited about an entire album by an artist. It’s good to know that music can still excite me. Thank you for the music, Agnetha.