So today is the 13th of May so naturally we have turned on the heat throughout the house due to the crazy temperature. I skipped the bike ride this morning and opted to go for a walk instead because the sky was providing a mixture of hail and snow. Of course, today is the day after Mother’s Day, when spring is suppose to be in the air, flowers are in bloom and all of that, but Mother Nature, the Mother of Mothers, is cranky or something so here we are.

The responsible adult in me just cringes when the furnace comes on during this time of year.

On Saturday we met with a window replacement salesman and decided to sign on the dotted line to replace all the windows in the house. The windows are original to the house and they’re really good at leaking heat. Wood framed windows have a harder time standing up to the elements. The new windows will be vinyl windows. We are looking forward to our energy costs going down. I’m also looking forward to being able to put a room air conditioner in the bedroom window. The old windows were crank out windows and didn’t give us that luxury.

Not that we would need air conditioning today. I need to go find a sweatshirt.