Hat Tip.

Being out of town for work has afforded me the opportunity to eat out a lot this week, and it is only Wednesday. I am terrified to jump on the scale when I get back home, but aside from some alcohol choices I wouldn’t normally make, I have been doing my best to eat healthy during this trip.

Aside from feverishly looking up calorie counts while gazing at a menu in the selection of restaurants I have been in, I have noticed something that has brought a smile to my face.

99% of the men I have seen in restaurants this week have removed their hat for dinner. And better yet, there is evidence that these men actually did it as demonstrated by their hat sitting on their knee as they sit at the table or in the booth with their family and friends.

There is hope for our society.

I have mentioned before that it makes me quite crazy when a man doesn’t remove his hat for a meal. I find it rude. I’m not going to go on about it tonight, after all I have lectured about it before, but I guess it says something about the folks in this part of Texas when it is apparent that it is still standard practice for a man to remove his hat while at the dinner table. Granted, my observations would hardly qualify as a scientific study, but nonetheless, random samplings of data have given me hope that all is not lost when it comes to this aspect of polite behavior.

Now if we could do something about the high caloric counts in the food!