As I try to find the Christmas spirit this year, I can safely say that the exercise of shopping in the mall is not going to help me in this endeavor. Several elements of today’s day off did help though, including wishing each service person I had contact with a genuine Happy Holidays combined with a sincere smile. Most were quite pleasant. This was nice.

I had lunch with our friend Mike. We have known him for several years, he is the one that first approached me as we walked through a mall several years ago and he recognized me from the mall. Having a friendship result from this is quite cool. We are only a month apart in age and we share several similar interests, so the conversation at lunch today was effortless and incredibly overdue. We are looking forward to getting together again after the holidays.

I can say that I have about 98% of my shopping done. I am looking forward to reaching that definite 100%. Once that is done I will be able to truly enjoy the holiday spirit.

Until then, I’ll just do my best.

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