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My supervisor was out of the office today so I took the opportunity to move to a new cubicle. This new space is in the same quad as my original cube and is 180 degrees around the maypole from where I used to sit. The difference with this cube is that it’s in the corner of the room, whereas my old cube was out in the middle of the floor. Being the old guy of the group I was having a hard time hearing telephone conversations; this can be a problem when you work a tech support position on the telephone. The new cubicle is a much quieter space and was previously occupied by the former old guy of the group. He was part of the lay-offs in April. Now I wonder if I have moved into the last seat before final departure.

Since the cube is identical to my original spot (aside from the walls), I set it up identically to my old space. I even took the lightbulbs out of the overhead light fixture; I strive for a cave like feel to my workspace.


  1. I see the pic of Julie, your cruise director, there on your cube wall. LOL

    Where’s the Snow Leopard review? C’mon J.P., I’m really interested in reading your take on it.

  2. When I had an office in my corporate days, I always kept the lights off and relied on natural light from the windows. Much more soothing. My brother and I have really light blue eyes and we seem to be more affected by bright light.

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