Coming Clean.

Okay, so there has been stirring in the blogosphere about that Miss California USA woman and her topless photos that were taken several years ago. She’s the one, of course, that spoke up about her support of “opposite marriage” and articulately stated that she believed that marriage should be reserved for the union between a man and a woman. Since losing the crown of Miss USA (because of her beliefs, so the story goes), she has become a spokesperson for the National Organization for Marriage. Basically she is trying to be the new face for ‘traditional values’.

Why does it seem to me, though, that many of these folks have something to hide. There always seems to be some skeleton rattling around in a closet. Some have feet tapping in airport stalls, others hang out in public parks, some conduct shady financial dealings with the congregation’s offering. With Carrie Prejean’s case, it’s some topless photos.

Look, of course I have no issue with someone posing however they want to pose. If you want to show it off then show it off. That’s the beauty of the body, it’s meant to be enjoyed! What I do have issue with is people preaching one thing and then doing another. Hypocrisy is never a good thing. How can one trust a hypocrite? So I’m going to admit a few things, right here and now:

1. I have posed naked in several photo shoots in my day, one of them being in the middle of the woods on a summer day in 1992 behind a Baptist church. One shot made it to a magazine (and it was not an ad for Olestra).

2. I do not have breast implants.

3. On several occasions, clad in only fruit of the loom tighty whities and a black leather jacket, I was paid to dance on a speaker in a very large gay nightclub in Boston. I wasn’t alone, there were others on the other speakers. Each of us were a theme, I played the bad boy with red hair. Granted, it was 35 pounds and 20 years ago but nonetheless, I have been seen girating to the likes of “Vogue”, “Ice Ice Baby” and “Hold You Tight” in barely a suggestion of attire.

4. I say what I believe and I believe what I say. I may change my mind, I may think out loud, but it is always safe to assume that you know where I stand at all times.

5. I believe love is love no matter if it’s between a man and a woman, a woman and a woman or a man and a man. Love should be celebrated, because there’s clearly not enough love in the world today.