Saranac Thursday Night.

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Tonight I went to my first Saranac Thursday Night of the season. Earl was out to dinner with his boss so I made the trek alone. I met up with friends from work.

It was two weeks ago that there was a good sized fire at the West End Brewing Company. The fire took out the bottling area of the plant. The F X Matt Brewing Company is in the process of rebuilding. Saranac Thursday Nights didn’t miss a beat and it seems like there’s more people there than ever. Throughout the city and neighboring villages, business have signs up that say “Get Well Soon Schultz and Dooley!” Some details of the fire can found on my blog entry from that night.

One of the things that I love about Saranac Thursday Nights is that people from all walks of life are there: blue collar, white collar, executives, biker chicks, gay, straight, fat, thin, big, small; it doesn’t matter. I feel a sense of community whilst I’m there.

Tonight I chatted with my friends Shirley and Christine and John while I downed three Utica Club drafts. I recently replaced Christine at work, she is wicked smart and is pursuing new employment opportunities after earning her Master’s Degree from the New School. Shirley and John still work at the telecommunications company I work at. I enjoy chatting with them off hours. I need to get better about not talking shop.

I’ve posted more pictures from tonight’s fun; I tend to take random shots with my iPhone when I have the opportunity. You can see them here on Flickr.

Here I am all duded up for the occasion.

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