1. Love the format of tis post. I am, always was and always will be a pencil man. I write all my notes at work and home in pencil and only use pens when I am filling out official forms. They even had to order an electric pencil sharpener at work at my new job just for me because no one uses pencils there but me. (I had my handy dandy hand held one, but I asked if they had one in the office which set off a chain reaction resulting in a new electric one being ordered.) Don’t know if it’s the wannabe artist in me or the remnants of a schoolboy who always got excited about the new desk supplies he got every year at the start of a new school year, especially pencils, but I love my yellow writing sticks above all other options.

  2. I love the tactile sensation of writing in pencil. Fountain pens feel “right” as well, but ball points–bleah. I brought my own battery-operated sharpener to work and also work with the yellow writing sticks. And a BIG white eraser. It encourages creativity–just get it down, you can always erase it.

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