Dublin Pub.

Dublin Pub.

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Earl & I and Rick & Helen spent the evening enjoying some of the nightlife here in the fine city of Dublin. After doing some shopping and grabbing a bite to eat (let’s hear it for restaurants that have vinegar for my chips without asking!), we headed across the River Liffey and over to Temple Bar.

After watching some street musicians for a bit and doing some walking around, we settled in for a while at one of the many local pubs (pubs in Ireland, who knew!) and chatted for a bit. Every pub was quite crowded, but we found a little nook to sit in for a bit and enjoy a few Guinnesses. I used the timer on the camera to take this shot, the camera was balancing on top of Helen’s 7up bottle.

From the very little I’ve seen of Dublin thus far I must say that I like this city. It’s very pedestrian friendly, it’s quite scenic and it has a lot to offer.

Today we are going to go out and explore.