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I’ve been kind of low key on the blog lately. I guess I haven’t been in the mood to write. My schedule has been crazy, my school deadlines are demanding and I feel like I’ve been white knuckling it a little bit for the past few days.

My complaint of professors that don’t care continues. On Friday we were given a multiple choice exam in my math class. The idea of a multiple choice exam in math is nothing new; you figure out the equation or whatever and select your answer from one of the four given. Here’s the kicker. About a quarter of the way into the exam the professor announced that he had made several typos in the exam and there were questions where none of the answers to choose from were correct, so we were to write in our answer and give justification. He geniunely made the errors, it wasn’t some tricky subplot to a continuing story arc.

It’s hard to care when the professor doesn’t seem to care. Nevertheless, I got an 82 on the exam. I thought I had done worse.

It has been unseasonably warm in these parts this week. I heard another citizen remark on the street to her friend, “I just love this global warming. It’s so balmy.” Meanwhile, the reservoir that provides our drinking water is 11 feet below it’s normal level and now they’re draining the canal to provide more water to the city by sending it back to the reservoir, the same city that dumps raw sewage into the canal because the sewer treatment plant is a mess.

Viva la poo poo.

Meanwhile I’ve been tinkering with photography. I find few suitable to share but I enjoy the escapism nonetheless.