Kathy Griffin!

Kathy Griffin!
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So get this. Tonight Earl and I went to our local casino to see one of the two sold out shows of the one and only Kathy Griffin!

She was fucking hilarious!

Kathy has been in the news quite a bit lately, mostly due to her acceptance speech at the Emmys (she told Jesus to ‘suck it’ and this offended some), so she had LOTS to talk about tonight.

Earl and I had a blast!! It was our first time seeing a show at the local casino and I must say it was a pleasant experience. The seating was comfortable, the audience was pumped and Kathy rocked the house. We tried stalking the backstage door but she disappeared through the catacombs so we didn’t get a chance to meet her afterwards. But that’s o.k. because we had an absolutely great time. Earl and I have seen several stand up comedians over the years, by far tonight’s show is our favorite.