Neshaminy Mall.

While traveling I always find visiting a mall in any given city to be an interesting experience. This morning we stopped at Neshaminy Mall outside of Philadelphia. Earl was kind enough to help me pick out school clothes for my upcoming run with college. We bought a t-shirt that cost $3.39.

While at Neshaminy Mall we stopped at the food court for a bite to eat from Saladworks. I say when you’re going to pig out at a picnic in the afternoon it’s good to have a healthy salad in your stomach to soak up an alcohol you might consume later on. While dining in the food court I enjoyed my sport of people watching.

To our left were a group of five elderly women. The youngest had to be 75 if she was a day, and Earl and I suspect that she was the designated driver, as she was the only one without a walker or a cane. Her four partners in crime had their walking accessories scattered about in disarray. The oldest looking of these women was busying herself freshening her lipstick and makeup. Her friend was wondering aloud why there were so many numbers on the lottery ticket she was feverishly scratching at. The others in the group were just chattering and having a grand old time. It did my heart good to see these women, who have probably seen and experienced a big chunk of this life experience, out and about enjoying their Saturday afternoon together. I respect that and wish them further years of these experiences.

Behind them was a thug type looking kid. He was blinged to the hilt and had this “don’t fsck with me” attitude going on. I was a little startled when he sat down, took off his hat and prayed before eating his meal. I may not believe as he does but I respected that he took the time to acknowledge his beliefs.

Now we’re getting ready to head to the family picnic. The weather is absolutely gorgeous and the vibe is good. I love Philadelphia and it’s people, with their tough sounding accent and their overwhelming Eagles pride. There’s good people here.


Here’s a little video from last night: