Candid Camera.

During our merry little adventures, once in a while Earl and I will see a woofster out in the wild that simply takes our breath away. There are times we have common tastes so if we both “woof” at someone in unison and are armed with a camera, we might try to non-chalantly sneak a picture of said woofster. It’s a rare event, but it happens.

We did the candid camera routine during our 2005 visit to the House of the Mouse. This handsome bear and his partner were at Epcot at the same time as we were and happened to be taking photos near where we were standing. Earl and I woofed in unison and we snuck a photo for our little woofster collection. His picture even made it into our Disney scrapbook, evoking a question from my sister, “Who’s that?” “Oh, just someone cute.”

Well we ran into Mr. Woofster online last night. Doing a search of Albany turns out he lives in Albany, Ga. I was busy in the studio when I heard Earl yell – “You’re not going to believe this.” There he was in all his world wide web glory. So we dropped him a line and said hello and admitted that we snuck a photo of him.

I think he was flattered, however, I don’t think we made the same impression. Nonetheless, at least we now have a name to go with the face.


  1. Using my awe inspiring talent for divination. (OK, so I did a search on a certain bear site for bears in Albany Ga.) and a little deductive reasoning. (OK.. so he had the name of a famous theme park as part of his screen name.) I have used my amazing psychic powers ( OK.. I’m really just guessing) to figure out who you are writing aboutm ( I Think ) . and Damn! WOOF! He could spin my tea cups anyday!

  2. Too funny, I just found his site on bear411.com last night, and emailed him, today is the first day I’ve read your blog! Too funny if you talking about William of Magic Bear Graphics.

  3. Hey Bears! You made a great impression on me! I didn’t think it was the greatest picture of me. You caught me with my guard down so I couldn’t pose! 😀
    Big Bear Hugs & Fuzzy Kisses,


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