Panera. Again.

Sweltering from the oven we call our home, Earl and I decided we needed a breath of air-conditioned air, so we are currently parallel parked on a hightop at the local Panera. This is the store that I often say has gone ghetto, as this is where many customers don’t know what Asiago cheese is and allow their children to color on the wallpaper.

In short, it’s an experience.

Tonight isn’t too bad, I have to admit, as the place is only about a quarter full. As soon as we walked in, I waved hello to a recent classmate. I told Earl she is the one that yapped out the wrong answers throughout the entire course. Other than that I find her quite charming. Perhaps we’ll be in another class together again this fall.

There’s a little piece of woof sitting directly behind Earl. When Earl saw me steal a glance, he informed me that he sat here for a reason. He’s so thoughtful. I wonder if I can sneak a picture somehow.

There were two girls in line in front of us who were audibly impressed with the presentation of the pastry they ordered. I saw a bear claw with a strawberry on top, but they apparently saw a piece of art. To each his own, I guess.

We were going to go use the new wi-fi service that has blanketed the downtown area, but you have to sit outside to enjoy it tonight because all the sidewalks have been rolled up for the evening. It is after 8 p.m., after all.