First Try.

Today Earl and I had my dad and his wife and my sister over for a get together on our new patio. Dad is going to be out of town next week for Father’s Day so we decided to celebrate a week early. This is the first time that we’ve had company on the patio and we were a little hesitant since we don’t have a lawn or landscaping installed yet. The contractor has left several mounds of dirt and promises to be here the first part of the week, but whether that really happens remains to be seen.

Even though I now do the majority of the cooking in our merry little household, when it comes to entertaining company Earl takes control of the kitchen and I just clean up behind him and stay out of his way. Here he’s getting the spare ribs ready for the picnic.

Earl cooking.

Since we weren’t serving tuna fish or kibble for the get together, Tom had to eat his regular food in his bowl. I kept him company and chatted with him so he didn’t feel left out.

Tom eating.

And I took this shot by standing on one of the mounds of dirt that is destined to become beautiful landscaping. By taking the picture from this angle, one can’t notice the “Yucca Flats After The Blast” motif we have going on directly behind me.


All in all it was a good day.