Earl and I are installed on site 70 for our first weekend at Hillside Campground in northern Pennsylvania. We always enjoy our Hillside experiences and this weekend is no exception. Earl is currently in the master suite (the larger bed of the camper) taking his first of several naps today as we were up rather late last night. I have no internet access so I’m typing this entry with the intent to upload it a little later once I’m in wi-fi range. I think we’re in one of the few sites in the campground that doesn’t have internet access. Maybe I’ll sit at someone’s picnic table in a little bit and borrow a little bit of their broadband.

One of the interesting aspects of this weekend is that the local power company is turning off power to all of Susquehanna County, Pennsylvania tonight at 10 p.m. for a “major upgrade”. The power is scheduled to be off until 6 a.m. tomorrow morning. Since this is a gay campground, this power interruption poses a problem as there will be no juice to run the disco at the rec hall tonight. One musn’t fear, however, because the owners have contracted out for a generator to run the sound equipment. People will be stumbling around in the middle of the woods in pitch blackness and peeing on random trees as there will be no lights or running water but by god we’ll still have the disco. We do have our priorities around here.

Our friends Sean and Jeffrey from Albany are here with their friends Don and George, so the six of us hung out together last night at the bonfire. Good times were had by all. It’s Sean and Jeffrey’s first time at Hillside. We’ve already planned on having them join us later in the season as we’ve scheduled several visits for this summer. They’re good guys and we don’t see them nearly enough, which is usually the case for us since we rarely see Steve and Tim in Buffalo these days as well.

We’ve been invited to a cocktail party scheduled for this evening hosted by our online friends Brad and Brian from New Jersey and then we’re having supper with 1st Earl.

Such the social butterflies. Even in the dark.


  1. Sounds like a fun weekend! Scott and I have only been up to Hillside once–had a great time. We’d love to get up there more often, but we city slickers just don’t have all that camping gear. Anyway, have fun at the disco!

  2. We had a blast and in no small part due to your presence. We can’t wait to go back…have reserved a camp sight for August for Bear Weekend III but would love to come another weekend with you guys so long as we won’t cramp your style :-)Thanks to you both for making this a very special experience for us…and thanks for letting me shake my thang with you…were we the divas of the dance floor or what?!?!?!?!?!?!? Altho I still didn’t get my head shaved 🙁

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