Earl and I made a quick trip to the market yesterday so that we wouldn’t totally starve to death during this short work week. One of the items that I discovered for the first time is from Doritos: “Doritos Natural: White Nacho Cheese”. We found these in the “Nature’s Place” department at the store.

Oh My God.

Ever since discovering Doritos when I was a small child I have been addicted to them. I know that they’re not good for you and I’m not sure that the “Natural” version is all that better but my goodness this new flavor is absolutely delightful, as in “I wonder if Earl will mind if I ate the whole bag” delightful. I’ve grabbed a chip here and there throughout the afternoon, trying to put their existence in the kitchen out of my head, but I can hear them yelling my name.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the bag was empty when Earl gets home from work.

Another delightful treat I rediscovered this weekend was “cheese in a can”. Joe.My.God. brought “cheese in a can” to the GB:NYC4 festivities on Saturday (he wanted to trash up the atmosphere a little bit). I had a fleeting thought that having cheese in a can at a party would beckon a tornado but the twister never came. Everyone else was squirting the cheese onto crackers in a polite manner so that’s what I ended up doing as well, but I really wanted to squirt the can directly in my mouth, however I thought that may have been a little rude.

As that song says, “Go crazy with the Cheez Whiz”, but we were in public and all.


  1. The Friday after 9-11 I went with my then bf to another couple’s house to play cards- anything to get away from the television and computer coverage. I brought along cheese-in-a-can and Bugles and showed the other guys how we used to squirt the cheese into the Bugle and eat them. The guy from Scotland was totally enamored with this American oddity.

  2. You are EVIL, haven’t had a Dorito in years. MY first BF and I got way too fat on eating bags (I really mean bags) of the Cool Ranch ones in the 80’s. Have resisted those demonic bags since then. But if they’ve made them “Natural” they must be good for you. Now I really hope that the local supermarket (Key Food) is still open and fully stocked with Doritos Natural. I kinda hate you and love you at the same time. Let’s hope I find them, or someone will have to pay. 🙂

  3. Never mind Doritos, I just discovered white chocolate Reese’s Peanut Butter cups the other day. That’s what happens when vendors give gifts at work….we paralegals get corrupted.

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